How to Be Insta-Safe

Let’s be honest. Everything can feel just a little (or maybe a lot) fake these days when you open up your Instagram feed. From those annoying little bots that leave fake comments to sketchy services promising more followers, it can be hard to determine what’s real. The good news is that Instagram is starting to take action. This week, we’re going over how Instagram is keeping it real by providing more crucial information to users and verifying more accounts. That way, no one will look at your account and say:

We'll Be There For You... on Facebook

Communication today is increasingly virtual. Think about all the times you've shot off a text or email versus picking up a phone. You're not just talking to your homies; you might also be texting a hair salon to see if there's an appointment available this weekend, or setting up a dinner reservation through an app. Businesses of all kinds are adapting to meet people on the communication channels they are already using.