How to Know If Your Micro-Influencer Campaign Is a Success

Without taking the time to measure the results of a joint video or a paid promotion, it’s impossible to say if it was a good investment of your time or your money. Here are some key metrics to review with your micro-influencer partner, which can tell you both if this was an experiment worth repeating or just a one-time fun time.

7 Ways to Work With Micro-Influencers

We’ve talked about how to find a great micro-influencer to help promote your product or service. This week, here are 7 types of campaigns you can run with your micro-influencer, to reach more of your ideal audience, build brand recognition, and establish a trusting and mutually-beneficial partnership.

We Should See Other People

We know you’re big fans of the Slice each week, but we also know we’re not the only resource you rely on for marketing, social media, branding, and life advice. We get it! It’s a great, big Internet out there! Plenty of blogs in the sea!
But all of that info that’s posted each and every day on countless other websites can leave you overwhelmed with options. How do you weed out the good stuff from the people who just want to trap you in their sales funnels forever?