Your LinkedIn Performance Review

You did it! Both you and your company are successfully set up on LinkedIn. As your new digital colleague, we firmly shake your hand in congratulations.

Your profiles are set up, your keywords are optimized, and your blank update box is staring back at you on your Company Page, waiting to receive your professional wisdom. The pressure’s on. What should you write? And how do you even know if your updates are reaching your audience? 

Suit Up for Social Media

It may be casual Friday, but this Slice is all business. Welcome back to the world’s biggest office, LinkedIn! You already know how to up your personal profile’s game (like the boss you are), so get ready to take the next step: making your company page professionally awesome. With the right tweaks, updates, and images, your LinkedIn company page could show the world: 

Let's Get Down to Business

Imagine you're on your couch, on your cell phone, scrolling. Are you saving ideas for decorating your bathroom on a budget and recipes for a brunch you will probably never host? Are you liking baby announcements and stalking your ex-boyfriend's posts? Or are you checking out new professional opportunities, connecting with former colleagues, and commenting on a thought-provoking blog that will definitely win you points in your next chat with your boss? 

Hopefully you've figured this out, but there's a social network out there that will help you step up your business game and be a more professional shawty: LinkedIn!