Shining, Shimmering, Splendid Social Media News

Social media algorithms are constantly shifting. Updates are happening. Channels are popular, and then they’re not. Sometimes you can even open up your favorite social media and feel like it’s a 🎵whooole new wooorld 🎵! 

Come with us on a social media magic carpet ride to take in the wonder of the latest and greatest social media news. 

The Fake Epidemic

Last week, we went over how to spot the fakers on your Instagram and Twitter accounts. This week, we're talking Facebook, and for very good reason: Facebook admitted just last year that 60 million of their accounts are bots. While that's a drop in the bucket of their (self-reported) 2 billion users, these fakes can still spam your audience, artificially inflate your numbers, and expose you (and your company) to risk.