How to Post Instagram Stories Like a Pro

Are you feeling inspired by last week’s examples of how to rock your Instagram Stories? From captivating your audience with puppies to sharing your office vibes with a larger audience, there are SO MANY ways you can grab attention and keep your followers engaged. This week we’re walking you through every step of how to compose your own Stories. It’s time to go on an Instagram adventure!

Tell Me A Story

This week, we’re looking at stellar Instagram Story examples from different companies that we hope will inspire you to try this tool out. Stories are one more way to keep your followers engaged with you, test different kinds of visuals in a low-stakes way, and let you be creative. They will also give you great information about who is looking at your content (since you can see who's viewed your stories!). 

These Metrics Make You Look Good

Not all social media metrics are created equal. Some can give you key actionable insights into your business, but others just flatter your ego. While that's nice every once in a while (we're all about boosting that mojo) we want to make sure you stay focused on metrics that matter. How do you know if social media is actually helping you achieve your business goals?