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Google Me, Baby

When was the last time you Googled yourself? How about your biz?

One of the most obvious, but important, factors for marketing your business effectively is making sure you can be found. If a customer is looking for you or a business like yours, that little Google search bar is likely to be one of the first places they look, and there's a really good chance they'll be searching on their phone. Will you show up?

We Should See Other People

We know you’re big fans of the Slice each week, but we also know we’re not the only resource you rely on for marketing, social media, branding, and life advice. We get it! It’s a great, big Internet out there! Plenty of blogs in the sea!
But all of that info that’s posted each and every day on countless other websites can leave you overwhelmed with options. How do you weed out the good stuff from the people who just want to trap you in their sales funnels forever?

Back to Basics

There is so much to learn when it comes to marketing, so many Slices to read, and so little time! This week we’re getting back to basics with a good ole fashioned refresher. For our loyal Slicers from the beginning, consider this to be the “if you’ve learned nothing else at this point, know these things” Slice. For our new Slicers, get ready to start building up that foundational need-to-know marketing knowledge!

Show Your Customers All The Love

The countdown to Valentine’s Day is on! (It's on February 14, in case you need the reminder.)

Forget your significant other, family, friends, or that big, beautiful tub of rocky road you might be planning on spending that evening with. How are you going to make the real loves of your life, your customers, feel like they’re loved and appreciated on this day and every day of the year? 

Shout Out to My Work Fam

If you've ever gone on Facebook and wished someone a happy birthday, you know that these days the easiest way to celebrate your loved ones is to jump online. Whether you're simply wishing an "HBD" to your second cousin or crafting an elaborate slideshow of photos and videos to post on your bestie's wall, you're putting on a public display of appreciation that also demonstrates that you're a thoughtful person who pays attention to your birthday notifications.

This can easily translate to your business, and today we've got some tips for using social media to show appreciation for your biz besties, your awesome office-mates, your partners in profit! In other words, your staff and colleagues.