We're Katie and Megan, founders of The Good Lemon, and we help passionate people use the Internet to build communities and reach the right audience.

It ain't easy. Digital marketing and communications takes work, creativity, consistency, work, research, time... and did we mention work?

The thing is, we love this stuff. 

We'll help you manage your social media, create compelling content, make strategic marketing decisions, and build management systems that actually work, so you can focus on what you do best: Your business


Here's how we can help you: 


1. Prioritize

There's a lot you COULD do, but is it what you SHOULD do? We'll help you figure out what your customers need, decide what channels you should try, and organize the work into manageable chunks so it actually gets done.

2. Create

We're not just project managers; we're writers. We'll create content and copy that represents the heart of your brand, from emails to Tweets to landing pages.

3. Test And Measure

How do we know what works for you? We integrate testing and measurement at every level of our projects, so we can work with you to make decisions based on data  - no "gut feelings" here.

4. Learn

Our ultimate goal is for you to feel more confident and capable using marketing and communications tools like a pro. Training and coaching is a part of everything we do, because you're not just our client. You're our teammate. 


You can make digital marketing work for you. You just need a team.