The Influential Influence of Influencers

Have you ever seen someone you follow use a product or service and thought, "OMG, I should buy that too?" That moment of “I gotta have it” is at the core of influencer marketing. Social media influencers are more than trendy teenagers with those diet teas and hair gummies clogging your feeds. They’re (usually) real people promoting brands and products to an arsenal of loyal followers.

Back to Basics

There is so much to learn when it comes to marketing, so many Slices to read, and so little time! This week we’re getting back to basics with a good ole fashioned refresher. For our loyal Slicers from the beginning, consider this to be the “if you’ve learned nothing else at this point, know these things” Slice. For our new Slicers, get ready to start building up that foundational need-to-know marketing knowledge!


YouTube is HUGE! It’s so much more than funny cat videos (check out some of these YouTube cat stars 😻) or the latest T Swift music video (still waiting for "Shake It Off" to leave our heads 🎵). It’s the #1 video-sharing site and #2 search engine with 1.5 billion monthly users who consume a mind-boggling 1 billion hours of YouTube a day. That’s right, 1 BILLION hours of videos a day. Is your company snagging its fair share of these video-devouring eyes?

The Fake Epidemic

Last week, we went over how to spot the fakers on your Instagram and Twitter accounts. This week, we're talking Facebook, and for very good reason: Facebook admitted just last year that 60 million of their accounts are bots. While that's a drop in the bucket of their (self-reported) 2 billion users, these fakes can still spam your audience, artificially inflate your numbers, and expose you (and your company) to risk.