Facebook Insights, Explained

Imagine: You’ve been managing your company’s Facebook page. You’ve drafted content and posted, garnering a few likes or shares here and there. You've shared it with your friends and family, and they're super pumped about it.

You’re probably feeling pretty pleased (who doesn’t love the instant affirmation of a like?), but how do you really know if your content is working? Let's dive into your Facebook page’s Insights (located at the top of your Facebook page) and…

ACK! Information overload!

The Latest and Greatest Social Media News

Facebook just reached 2 billion monthly users. We’re going to let that number sink in for a second. 2 BILLION.

Whether you're a self-proclaimed Social Media Guru™ or you're just trying to find your dream customers via the socials, it's important to keep up with the latest social media news so you don't get left behind. Take it from us!