Sharing is Charing

You’re hitting your flow, blogging up a storm about your company’s latest updates, intriguing industry news, and your most noteworthy musings. You hit the submit button, knowing your loyal readers will be eager to share your latest post with their friends and send that fresh knowledge out into the universe.

But when you check all your social media channels the next day, it’s like your post was never published. There was not a pin or a tweet or a Facebook post sharing your content. How do you get your readers to take the next step from reading your posts to sharing them on their favorite social media platform? 

Shout Out to My Work Fam

If you've ever gone on Facebook and wished someone a happy birthday, you know that these days the easiest way to celebrate your loved ones is to jump online. Whether you're simply wishing an "HBD" to your second cousin or crafting an elaborate slideshow of photos and videos to post on your bestie's wall, you're putting on a public display of appreciation that also demonstrates that you're a thoughtful person who pays attention to your birthday notifications.

This can easily translate to your business, and today we've got some tips for using social media to show appreciation for your biz besties, your awesome office-mates, your partners in profit! In other words, your staff and colleagues. 


The Times, They Are A Changin’

We've said it before, but one more time for you newbies to The Slice: Social media is unpredictable! As Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn experiment with your Newsfeeds, test out new features, and tweak the rules for posting every few months (or weeks), you, the intrepid Marketing Expert, must keep up.

If you're not up on the latest updates, you will be left behind. It's like when Taylor Swift releases a new album, and your job is to interpret her lyrics and tell everyone else which ex or celebrity she's singing about. Unless you're up on the latest drama, how will you do your job?

Your LinkedIn Performance Review

You did it! Both you and your company are successfully set up on LinkedIn. As your new digital colleague, we firmly shake your hand in congratulations.

Your profiles are set up, your keywords are optimized, and your blank update box is staring back at you on your Company Page, waiting to receive your professional wisdom. The pressure’s on. What should you write? And how do you even know if your updates are reaching your audience?