Let's Get Down to Business

Imagine you're on your couch, on your cell phone, scrolling. Are you saving ideas for decorating your bathroom on a budget and recipes for a brunch you will probably never host? Are you liking baby announcements and stalking your ex-boyfriend's posts? Or are you checking out new professional opportunities, connecting with former colleagues, and commenting on a thought-provoking blog that will definitely win you points in your next chat with your boss? 

Hopefully you've figured this out, but there's a social network out there that will help you step up your business game and be a more professional shawty: LinkedIn! 

WTF is UX?

Not to sound creepy, but user experience (UX) is all around you. It was there in that product you threw away because you hating using it; it's in every "click to subscribe" and "add to cart" button you've been compelled to push this month; and it will be in the next website you land on that's so unusable you'll have this reaction:

It Was the Best of Posts, It Was the Worst of Posts

We started last week with the basics of our Facebook Insights dashboard, everything from engagement to followers to page actions. (Missed it? Need a refresher? Click here).

Pat yourself on the back, young grasshopper, because you are now ready to take the next step in our journey:

How are your individual posts measuring up?

Facebook Insights, Explained

Imagine: You’ve been managing your company’s Facebook page. You’ve drafted content and posted, garnering a few likes or shares here and there. You've shared it with your friends and family, and they're super pumped about it.

You’re probably feeling pretty pleased (who doesn’t love the instant affirmation of a like?), but how do you really know if your content is working? Let's dive into your Facebook page’s Insights (located at the top of your Facebook page) and…

ACK! Information overload!