We know that marketing and communications work is daunting. Building a brand, crafting effective copy, and learning who your customers are and what they want most is actually a much bigger endeavor than they tell you it is in all those cheap e-books and expensive online courses.

That’s why we founded The Good Lemon in 2015: to get you closer to your goals using data-driven tactics, and to make sure you have a solid foundation of knowledge and skills for the future.

  • We have a team of motivated and experienced communicators, who understand that every client is unique.
  • We aim to give honest, thoughtful, and nuanced advice and support, based on research and best practices. 
  • And we are dedicated to making sure that no one we know is duped or scammed again by shiny gimmicks, exorbitant rates, and empty promises.

Katie Stanton, Co-Founder

Katie leads The Good Lemon’s client work and manages contractors, partners, and project management systems.

Originally from the suburbs of DC, Katie co-founded The Good Lemon after leading digital communications for national non-profits, such as the YWCA USA and Vital Voices Global Partnership, and executing digital advocacy and CSR campaigns alongside big brands and government agencies.

Katie graduated from George Mason University with a degree in English. She travels at least twice a month (if not more!) and likes to throw dinner parties, watch food documentaries, and collect cookbooks that she reads and rereads like they’re novels.

As seen in: 

Megan headshot

Megan Barrett, Co-Founder

Megan focuses on operations, managing The Good Lemon’s contracts, budgets, and everything in between. 

Megan helps small businesses, social enterprises, and nonprofits leverage digital communications to engage their audiences and reach new customers. She geeks out over data and spreadsheets, but is driven by finding creative ways to connect organizations with their perfect customer, advocate, or member. Megan has co-led two startup organizations, building customers, partnerships, and teams to effectively grow these projects from the ground up.

Megan’s heart is in supporting local businesses and environmental sustainability. She loves camping, yoga and her CSA, and hopes to visit every National Park in her lifetime.

Michelle McGuire, Marketing Consultant

Michelle is passionate about working with businesses and organizations driving social impact worldwide. She started her career working at international development nonprofits addressing global issues, ranging from food security to women's empowerment. She is driven by finding ways to communicate both creatively and effectively through blogging, social media, and strategy development. Michelle loves photography, reading about current issues, and planning her next adventure outside of DC.

Erin Mishkin, Social Media Consultant

Erin spends most of her time trying to get really big ideas into 140 characters. Prior to joining The Good Lemon, she worked in public media for 15+ yrs, specializing in community engagement and talent development. She also has a background in arts education, specifically teens + storytelling + media.

Erin is in a Voice Fantasy League, wants to say she took up knitting (but can't find her needles), and has been an advocate for suicide prevention and awareness since 2009. She currently lives with her husband, daughter, and boys (pups Simon and Toby) in Alexandria, VA.

We also work with a stellar team of graphic designers, web developers, videographers, and others who can handle your content needs. Meet them here!

Portraits by the amazing Leann Harley