Case Studies

Read about how The Good Lemon helps awesome non-profits, start-ups and small businesses address their social media and digital marketing challenges.


Public Citizen

Social Media and Graphic Design

Public Citizen works to defend our democracy from corporate greed and make government work for the people.

Car 58: Where Are You?

Website Development, Branding and Social Media

The Peking to Paris Motor Challenge is an extraordinary journey in a classic motorcar.

Siena Wellness

coaching and messaging

Elizabeth founded Siena Wellness to inspire people to make choices that positively impact their own health and wellness while improving the world we share.

Save the Season

branding and website development

Save the Season delivers organic produce straight from farmers in Grand Rapids, Michigan all season long. 


Digital Strategy, Social Media and Graphic Design

Urbanful was an online publication and store promoting small businesses and artisans in cities across the United States.