The Patient Advocate's Chronicle: Customer discovery and website development

Creating a new community for those managing a chronic illness or autoimmune conditon

The Need: 

Claire Sachs had been a “cog in the wheel” of the American healthcare system for over 30 years. She was looking for a way to share her personal experiences and lessons learned with a broader community of patients and medical professionals, and to build an online community of resource-sharing and support that would help people better manage their conditions, navigate complicated healthcare systems, and feel more empowered overall.

Claire needed a distinctive brand and website that would serve as both a practical resource and a place to offer encouragement and support, as well as an avenue for her to share her story through blogging. In addition, Claire needed to create a promotional strategy that would complement the goals in her business plan.

The Solution:

In order to identify Claire’s niche and better define her expertise, The Good Lemon conducted extensive competitive research. Since there is an existing community online for those managing chronic health conditions, we conducted one-on-one customer discovery interviews to find out what was being provided to this community, and what was missing. The interview participants were carefully selected due to the sensitive nature of discussing medical information. 

Claire's audience was looking for more than just inspirational quotes or a space to vent. Through our interviews and research, we discovered an opportunity for Claire to provide practical, purposeful information and resources on the logistics of managing healthcare and chronic illnesses, and to help people find peace of mind and take control.

The Good Lemon worked with Claire and designer Dana Reinert to develop a logo—including her Monster, a symbol representing her conditions—and her brand colors and core messaging. We developed a website using the Squarespace CMS and extensively trained Claire on the ins and outs of the system. In order to streamline the content development process for her blog, we set up an editorial calendar and helped her develop a bank of blog posts.

Once launched, we tapped into Facebook, Twitter, and Mailchimp to begin to build her audience. The Patient Advocate’s Chronicle was officially launched in March of 2017.

The Services:

  • Customer Discovery
  • Strategic Consulting 
  • Branding
  • Website Development (Squarespace CMS)
  • Social Media Strategy and Management (Twitter and Facebook)
  • Email Marketing

The Results

Cohesive brand including name, logos, colors, and fonts

Customized Squarespace website template with layout and copy for sub-pages and blog

Ongoing marketing and digital strategy consulting

Katie understood exactly what my concept was and what I was missing from my own résumé to launch, grow, and maintain my blog. Add to that her willingness to work within a limited budget and it was almost too easy. We built the blog from the ground up, covering font, color scheme, layout... all the things I wouldn’t have thought of if I had attempted to do it on my own.

I am very pleased with the results so far. I would recommend TGL to anyone who needs website development, social media development and management, editing, or time/project management assistance.
— Claire Sachs, Advocate-in-Chief of The Patient Advocate's Chronicle