The AIM initiative: Social media, digital strategy, and graphic design

Building an online community to accelerate the elimination of neglected tropical diseases

The Need: 

The AIM Initiative is a non-profit dedicated to accelerating the elimination of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). Founded in 2016, AIM pairs an innovative mapping method with highly focused intervention and care to improve health access for all people affected by the consequences of NTDs worldwide. AIM was in need of a social media strategy and management to help engage and grow their audience on Twitter, as well as ongoing strategic communications consulting.

The Solution:

Working in partnership with Panorama Global, The Good Lemon managed AIM’s Twitter account for eight months, developed a social media strategy guide, built a shared editorial calendar, and successfully engaged the small, but passionate online community around ending NTDs. We drafted tweets, created graphics, and gathered metrics to refine our messaging to better explain AIM’s work. Additionally, we created content specifically to engage the communities around the multiple global health conferences AIM attended.  

We also provided support to Panorama Global as they defined AIM’s strategic communications goals to connect with potential donors, partners, and peers in the greater NTD community. We wrote and edited blog posts to provide updates on AIM’s work, as well as helped plan and distribute AIM’s 2017 Progress Report.

The Services:

  • Social Media Strategy and Management (Twitter)
  • Graphic Design
  • Strategic Consulting 
  • Copywriting

The Results

AIM’s Twitter audience grew steadily from March to October 2017, and engagement positively increased month over month


AIM planned, wrote, and distributed a 2017 Progress Report detailing their work and impact