Building Panorama’s online LEADERSHIP

We work with Panorama's CEO Gabrielle Fitzgerald daily to ensure her social media presence is personal and polished


The Need:

Panorama is an action tank working to solve global problems through audacious thinking and bold action.

Panorama’s CEO, Gabrielle Fitzgerald, needed strategic support for her digital presence on Twitter and LinkedIn. With an established but small following, Gabrielle wanted to continue to grow her already-impressive professional network, and amplify Panorama’s thought leadership through these channels.

The Solution:

The Good Lemon conducted a full social media audit of Gabrielle’s channels, as well as an analysis of the digital activity of Panorama’s clients and peers, in order to fully understand her online community and how to be competitive in the saturated spaces of global health and philanthropy.

We then put together a social media strategy for Gabrielle that laid out best practices for content to share and leaders to follow, as well as messaging and content guidelines, tone and voice, target audiences, and more detail about her professional presence on social media.

On a daily basis, The Good Lemon researches and curates content for Gabrielle to share, highlights posts from peers and partners, and makes specific recommendations for ongoing engagement and relationship-building.

In addition, we provide event-specific support for conferences and Gabrielle’s speaking opportunities globally, including monitoring and live-Tweeting events.

The Services:

  • Monitoring and Content Curation

  • Social Media Management (LinkedIn and Twitter)

  • Strategic Consulting

  • Event Support

The Results 

  • Gabrielle’s audience has grown organically, steadily, and positively since 2016, more than doubling on LinkedIn and Twitter. Since the project’s start, there has never been a month without positive growth in terms of her followers, engagement rates, and profile views.

  • Her audience is very high-value and organically engaged, made up of executives, thought leaders, and professionals working in the same issue areas as Panorama, as well as journalists and editors writing about global health and philanthropy from major publications like The New York Times, STAT News, NPR, and more.

  • Gabrielle’s thought leadership has been shared by individuals and organizations with large audiences like Chelsea Clinton, Melinda Gates, and Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus of the World Health Organization.