Instagram Analytics for 2019 Marketers

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Let's continue on our metrics journey, and talking about how Instagram Analytics have been and will be changing in 2019. You might have heard about this in the news lately

"Over the past year, Facebook, Instagram (which is owned by Facebook), Twitter, and YouTube have moved to deemphasize or eliminate key metrics in the name of promoting healthy user engagement. The trend gave birth to a word you won’t find in dictionaries: demetrication."

Don't fret, fellow marketers! Even if your public-facing metrics might be hidden, you'll still have access to your numbers behind the scenes. And that's key for knowing if you're accomplishing your goals with your social media channels, or if you're wasting time uploading content that no one is really all that interested in.

While Instagram might be your go-to platform for seeing memes and Twitter jokes, sharing cute selfies, and getting serious #inspo from those influencers you're following, Instagram for Business is a completely different beast. Because, as we ALWAYS say, it's not enough to have a lot of followers on any platform, but especially Instagram -- if those followers aren't clicking on your content, visiting your website, and buying what you have to offer, those followers aren't really helping you.

A lot has stayed the same

Although Insights (Instagram’s built-in analytics tool) has only been available for around two years, it’s an invaluable tool for knowing if your posts and videos are helping you reach your goals.

You still need a Business profile to see your metrics, so make sure you've converted your profile to one before you do anything else. Don't forget that you have to link your account to Facebook.

Next, you'll still hit the top right corner of your Instagram profile, where you'll see three horizontal lines (that's called a hamburger menu!). A menu will appear, and you'll see Insights as the second option; click that, and you'll see your Content, Activity, and Audience.

Here's what's changed

Since the last time we talked about Instagram Insights, there have been a few changes. 

Now, you'll see three main categories:

  • Content breaks down your posts, and you can see how posts have performed over the past week, month, 3 months, 6 months, year or two years. You can sort your posts by different metrics too, or filter the view by photos or videos. This is also where you can check on how your Stories have performed. These are some of the basic numbers to be checking to know how your audience is receiving your content, and which posts haven't resonated so well. And, if you're running Promoted Posts, you'll see those metrics here too.

  • Activity is where you can access general information pertaining to your account from the past week, starting with Interactions (actions users have taken on your account, like viewing your profile). Discovery covers how users have found your content, and includes Reach (defined as the amount of times a “unique” user saw your content) and Impressions (the total number of times your posts have been seen). Generally, you want these numbers to build and stay as high as you can get them.

  • Audience shows you the demographics of your followers, including number of followers and your increase or decrease in the past week, where they're from, ages, gender, and the days and times they're using Instagram. The key to remember here is that this information is given weekly, so use our rule of writing down those numbers each week and saving them somewhere handy so you can actually track how these things change over time! 

As you're browsing around and looking at your post performance, don't forget to take into account the different ways you're posting. The number of emojis you use can impact your engagement; read all about that here. If you're posting with hashtags, the decision to put those hashtag in your Instagram caption versus as the first comment on the post can make a difference in terms of performance. Don't forget that you can also check out your metrics on each of your posts, because now that you have a Business profile, you'll see "View Insights" on the bottom of each and every one. 

Look through your posts and note what you've done differently on the most successful posts; if it's as simple as posting more emojis, go ahead and 👏start 👏doing 👏that, because clearly your audience is into them. If you need to upgrade your whole Instagram game, refer back to our many previous posts. You'll be on top of the Insta-world in no time!