If You Need a Content Plan, We've Got The Solution

The Weekly Slice Content Plan.png

If you've been meaning to write a blog post for-evah but aren't sure what to blog about, or you're feeling overwhelmed just trying to decide what you should Tweet about, you're not alone.

Content is work! You may think you can jump right into writing eight blog posts a month and building a big, loyal, engaged audience on your social channels, but most of our clients say the same things about creating and sharing content day after day:

  1. They don't have time to spend on it.

  2. They don't know what to write about.

  3. Their team won't contribute.

  4. It's so much work.

But we've got to create that content, baby, because without it, how will your customers and supporters know about you? How will they build trust in yourwork over that of your competitors? How will they hear your voice?

Deep breath.

Before you brainstorm post titles or share a news article to one of your social channels, you need to know what you're trying to accomplish with your content in the first place.

In fact, this applies to all of your communications, from Twitter to your website to emails to your next print brochure.

An editorial calendar or a few new interns won't solve your content problems, because in order to create the right content for the right people, you need a plan. And we can help you make one!

We got you, boo!

We have a handy, dandy surprise for you, to help you map out what content you're creating, who should see it, and why they'll come back for more.

This is a simplified version of the Strategy & Brand Guides that we develop for TGL clients. This isn't a full strategy, but rather a worksheet to get you organized and provide some structure.

Just clickity-click on that button above, and you'll be prompted to make a copy of our Google Doc for your very own self. Answer the questions in order, and customize it to your heart's content (and to match your branding!). 

And, por favor, give yourself enough time to really focus on it. If your content is truly important to your business (and trust us when we say that it is), give it your time, attention, and respect. Set aside a couple of hours in your favorite coffee shop, and involve your colleagues so you have their buy-in, too. It's worth it!