It's a Brand New Year and a Brand New Slice

It's time to make the Slice bigger, better, and way more helpful for our loyal audience of marketers and communicators.

The Weekly Slice - Welcome

Over the course of the year, we'll walk you through all of the practical skills you need to take your digital marketing and communications to the next level, from building a work plan that actually works to producing better, more baller content. And, we're updating all of our previous social media-focused posts for 2019, since the rules for channels like Twitter and Instagram change all the time.

Get ready, y'all: We've put together 50 (that's right, 50!) Slices, divided into four categories:

  • Best Practices for 2019

  • Strategy and Planning

  • Content Creation

  • Measuring Success

At the end of each quarter, we'll compile these resources and tools into downloadable kits, free for Slice subscribers, so you always have an easy way to find the info and links you need.

Andas an extra bonus, we'll include the latest marketing and communications news in a special section at the end of each email, so you are always on top of things. These updates can be found only in the email.

At the end of 2019, you'll have more than just a Slice... you'll have the whole dang pie.

If you have any team members who need to know more about this stuff, or any new hires who need to be trained, go ahead and send them this post so they can get signed up.

Next week, we'll officially kick things off, but we'll leave you with one to-do:

  1. Take a few minutes today and review your social media profiles and your business or organization's homepage. What needs an update? Are there any outdated logos still hanging around? Anything look wonky?

  2. Make a note of what needs fixing, and put at least 30 minutes on your calendar to actually do it before next Friday.

It's a small thing, but it will make you feel super productive. Extra bonus points if you make this a recurring appointment once a month!