Back to Basics

There is so much to learn when it comes to marketing, so many Slices to read, and so little time! This week we’re getting back to basics with a good ole fashioned refresher. For our loyal Slicers from the beginning, consider this to be the “if you’ve learned nothing else at this point, know these things” Slice. For our new Slicers, get ready to start building up that foundational need-to-know marketing knowledge!


Let’s be honest, no one can build a marketing plan as fast as that dog can build a tower. Or probably look as adorable doing it. But you can start to build your own marketing plan with a few simple questions. Consider the following your building blocks of success:

  1. Who are you actually trying to reach? You could think your company is the best idea ever. But no matter how good you feel your business idea is, your customers and audience hold the keys to your success or failure in their hands (and wallets). Is what you’re doing something they actually want that solves an actual problem in their lives? That’s where customer discovery comes into play! Have you actually tried talking to your customers? Customer discovery is the process of thinking about your customers, asking them questions about their lives and habits, and really getting down to the nitty-gritty of what your company offers them. Think of yourself as a detective confirming or denying your idea BEFORE you spend time, money, and resources to bring it to life. Learn how to start your own customer discovery journey here! After you start chatting with your customers, we suggest putting all your info and research into a handy dandy user persona so you have real customers in mind whenever you make your next marketing move.   
  2. Are you meeting your audience where they are? Okay, so now you know a little more about who your audience actually is. But, do you know where they hang out on the internet? Did you know all those Gen Zers out there prefer Snapchat and Instagram? Or that Baby Boomers mostly use Facebook? Or that Pinterest is where all the ladies hang out? Take the time to learn about each social platform and what they have to offer before you tweet, post, or pin at random. It might not make sense for your company to be on every single platform unless your audience actually hangs out there to see your content. Learn the demographics of the different social media channels and some LinkedInPinterestInstagram, and Snapchat basics! 
  3. What’s the plan, Stan? Before you start posting things all willy-nilly, what’s your plan? Do you have your posts written down somewhere? Or are you just firing them off when they come to mind? An editorial calendar is your new best friend in the planning process. It contains all your posts, events, and company happenings all in one spreadsheet so you know when to post and what to post about! It can help you strategize what to post, visualize when you should post it, be consistent about posting, and allow others to review content easily. (P.S. here’s our template to get you started) 
  4. Did it actually work? Your work isn’t done as soon as a post goes out. How do you know if it actually reached your audience? Or if people clicked that magical link you really really wanted them to click? Checking your social media analytics is an essential part of any marketing plan. Each platform has their own tools built in so you can see how many people you reached and if they actually engaged with your content. This way you have the cold hard data to back up the effectiveness of how you’re reaching your audience. Start digging into the treasure trove of data insights on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and LinkedIn.

And remember, we're always here to help! It's always lovely to chat with all our Slicers, old and new, so book a consultation if you need anything. XoXo