YouTube is HUGE! It’s so much more than funny cat videos (check out some of these YouTube cat stars 😻) or the latest T Swift music video (still waiting for "Shake It Off" to leave our heads 🎵). It’s the #1 video-sharing site and #2 search engine with 1.5 billion monthly users who consume a mind-boggling 1 billion hours of YouTube a day. That’s right, 1 BILLION hours of videos a day. Is your company snagging its fair share of these video-devouring eyes?


Not impressed enough by the stats alone to sign up for an account ASAP? Well this video giant isn't going anywhere and some publishers are actually shifting their attention away from Facebook to YouTube for their video needs. They're onto something... 

Here's what YouTube can do for you and your company 

Increase your visibility

YouTube is right up there with Facebook, Google, and Wikipedia as a Top 5 website in the entire world! That's a lot of potential eyeballs. And while perusing YouTube, users don’t even have to be searching for your company in particular for your video to come up. People use YouTube to search for information, news, and how-tos and your relevant video could pop up in their searches on their search results, suggested videos on other videos, etc. They click on your video, they love your company, they want to learn more...well you get the picture. Not only do you have a chance of showing up in YouTube results, the #1 search engine in the world Google owns YouTube and your videos have a chance of showing up in Google searches too! Executed correctly, YouTube has the potential to affect your overall SEO on Google which is pretty ah-mazing. 

Key point: YouTube videos = increase in visibility for your company = new audience members reached

Connect with your audience

Let’s be honest, people don’t want to read as much as they used to. As they scroll through their endless feeds, they’re more likely to pause for a few seconds on the video that catches their attention than take the time to read the article on the same topic. Your company can take advantage of this big time through YouTube. Not only can you capture fickle attention spans, you can connect with your engaged audience in a new way you can’t through words alone. The video is your magic carpet ride just waiting to take your audience member on your company's journey. Consider the world of possibilities:

  • Make a series of how-to videos explaining how to use your products and/or services
  • Conduct interviews with leaders in your industry for juicy insights
  • Give your audience members a ticket to your events with behind the scenes footage of events, panel discussions, etc. 
  • Showcase your products and/or services in action to give that extra bump of social proof 

Key point: People read more than they watch. Engage them in new ways through video!

Tell your story

We all know building a relationship with your audience is such a long game. With so many different companies out there (and so much content to take in), how does your audience know what makes your company so special? Well, you’ve probably guessed the answer by now, but you can show them why your company is in a league of its own through YouTube videos! Make your audience members feel like your company is their virtual bestie by letting them in on behind-the-scenes footage and the nitty-gritty details of what your company does. The options are endless:

  • Curate playlists around the core themes/values/focus areas of your business so your audience understanding what you’re all about
  • Show off your stellar company culture through staff interviews talking about who they are, what they do, and oh yeah, why they love your company 
  • Start a branded vlog showing off your thought leadership in the areas your company works in

Key point: YouTube videos can give viewers a unique perspective into just how awesome your brand is!

Are you finally convinced? Next week we’ll go over the ins and outs of setting up your own YouTube channel and some best practices along the way. In the meantime, get pumped by checking out these companies and their stellar channels:

  • Blendtec: They took their blenders, creatively starting seeing what everyday items blend vs. those that don’t, and now have almost a million subscribers. 
  • Red Bull: Red Bull is all about that energy. They curate channels around extreme sports to get their audience members stoked and it's not just not from the caffeine. 
  • Best Buy: Best Buy is more than the place you used to buy CDs in high school and their YouTube channel proves it. They walk their audience through purchasing decisions and tech tips from their geek squad. 

….and finally what is a Slice about YouTube without a cat gif from the famous YouTube star Maru himself?