Show Your Customers All The Love

The countdown to Valentine’s Day is on! (It's on February 14, in case you need the reminder.)

Forget your significant other, family, friends, or that big, beautiful tub of rocky road you might be planning on spending that evening with. How are you going to make the real loves of your life, your customers, feel like they’re loved and appreciated on this day and every day of the year? 


Your relationship with your customers matters a lot. When these folks think of you, and by you we mean your brand, they should be feeling warm fuzzies as they reflect on the ways that you take care of them, what you give to them, and how you make them better people. They shouldn't feel like just another sidepiece or another phone number in your business iPhone.

The more love that your customers feel from you, the more positive they will feel about your brand, and the more likely they are to brag about you in their Facebook status with a few of these: 😍😍😍

The question is, how do you show your customers how much you care without coming on too strong? 

Stay cool, bro.

Here's how to show your customers the right kind of love:

  1. Keep in touch: Who likes being ghosted? That's right, no one. Your relationship with your customer shouldn’t stop after just one transaction or interaction. After a customer makes an order, or as they're using your service, take the extra step and send them an email to see how they’re liking things, and if they need anything else. It’s all about the little things to make your customer feel like you care and that you’re there to support them along the way. Want inspiration on how to do this well? Warby Parker nails it.
  2. Spotlight your faves: You probably have some favorite customers or supporters. The ones that love your brand, rave about your products, and hit the “like” button every time they see one of your posts. Give them shout-outs, share their stories on social media (with permission, of course), and give them a little extra attention by liking some of their posts too. This will help you get to know them better, and by proxy know a little more about your perfect customer... which helps with marketing. Badda bing! See how 23andMe shares some of their customer stories for inspiration.
  3. Make every moment magical: Every single moment counts! When it comes to interacting with your customers, throw away the script and just show them you actually care. Trust me, we all know when a response to our customer service Tweet is canned or scripted. Treat your customers like they are real people with actual needs and respond to them ASAP. A customer’s frustration only grows as the clock is ticking, but if you respond right away they’ll feel like they’re the onlycustomer in the world for you. And that’s magic.
  4. Send gifts: Who doesn’t like presents? Literally no one. Think of holidays that your company can honor, and think out of the box -- what fits your brand? Maybe your thing is celebrating summer solstice, you zen master, or maybe it's Bagel and Lox Day, which is TODAY and it's real and you are all about brunch. Think of some discounts you can give or extra freebies you can throw into an order or two to celebrate the day. Anything that’s an unexpected “hey, we love you!” that will surprise and delight your customers will do.
  5. Be a good listener: Be open to advice! Your customers might have rockstar suggestions you and your team have never even considered. Listen to their inquiries and reward them with discounts! Invite them, personally, to give you feedback and, later, let them know what you’re doing in response to the feedback. They’ll really feel like they have a seat at the table with you, and you'll learn a lot more about your customers and what they need.
  6. Keep them in the loopWouldn’t you feel betrayed if your best friend had super exciting news, and you heard it from someone else first? Well, think about that as you consider your big new plans coming down the pike. Do you have a new location open, a new product line launching, or a new service that people have been asking for for months? Let your best customers know first! Bonus points if you can personalize the announcement.

Follow some of the tips above, and soon you and your customers will be feeling all these feels:

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