Creating An Instagram Ad - Part 2

Last time on The Slice, we took a look at running an ad directly through the Instagram mobile app. But let's be real: If you're like most people, you are also spending a fair amount of time on Facebook.

In fact, according to Nielsen, one in five minutes on mobile is spent on either Instagram or Facebook.


Luckily these two platforms... go together, making it easy for you to run your Facebook and Instagram ads all in one place. Today, we'll show you how!

Let's begin

First, make sure that your Instagram account is connected to your Facebook account. You can do this either through theFacebook Business Manageror through yourbusiness Facebook page settings.

  • Click on the Ads Manager on the left-hand menu on your Facebook feed.

  • Click the green "Create" button and select "Guided Creation."

  • Select your marketing objective (awareness, consideration, or conversion), name your campaign, create and name your ad sets, and choose your audience.

  • Under "Placements," check the "Edit Placements" circle. Scroll down to platforms and only select the Instagram checkboxes. This ensures that you are running your ad on Instagram, and not Instagram and Facebook at the same time.*

  • Choose your budget, schedule, associated Facebook page, and format (carousel, single image, single video, or slideshow), upload your desired ad image, and write your snappy text.

  • Click the green "confirm" button.

3, 2, 1, lift off! Now your Instagram ad is ready for all to see. 

Now, you may be thinking, "But I want to run my ad in all the places!" And you can! Running ads on Facebook and Instagram at the same time can be a handy way to make sure you're hitting all your channels and getting your ad in from of your target audience, wherever they might be. 

But if you're running a test to see whether Instagram or Facebook is a better ad platform to use, it makes more sense to create a campaign just for Instagram, and create the same campaign with the same ad and audience parameters but only for Instagram. This will give you a true A/B test! And you know we love a good A/B test. 

One last note on Instagram ads while we're here: Over 80 million photos and pieces of content are uploaded to Instagram every day. That means that your ads have some heavy competition for the eyeballs of your target audience, so choose your creative carefully. Don't pick anything too staged or fake-looking, make super-super-sure your images and video are the best quality they can be, and make dang sure that you've tested how they look on mobile. 

Next time, we'll get into advertising on Instagram Stories, so you can create ads that take users on a real journey. Get those storytelling instincts ready!