Ya Gotta Keep Up

Staying on top of the latest and greatest trends in the World of Social Media can be an uphill battle. In fact, earlier today someone asked us how we keep up with this constant onslaught of changes, updates, and news.

It's a little like this:


Before you snap that laptop closed today, here are 3 new things to help you stay on top of your social media game (and impress your boss with next week): 

Are you there, Facebook?

Have you been noticing your fewer engagements on your Facebook page? It turns out it’s not just you. A new study found that Facebook page reach has declined 20% in 2017. The likely culprit is Facebook’s constantly changing News Feed algorithm, which decides what users are going to see.

In the past year, Facebook has reduced clickbait and focused on "authenticity and relevance" for its preferred content. However, it’s biggest update is Facebook’s decision to focus on content by family and friends (more babies and puppies!) and less on Page posts.

What does this mean for you? Think long and hard about your relationship with Facebook. We’re not saying that you should delete your account, but this continued downward trend offers a clear lesson: don’t put all your eggs in one basket. You might want to scale back your relationship with Facebook and start seeing other social channels.

And always be aware that Facebook is after just one thing from companies like yours and ours: $$$$. Not interested in paying to play right now? Try posting more content or switching up the types of content (video, photos, etc.) to learn more about what your audience engages with. Once Facebook sees a higher engagement, they’re more likely to show your posts to your audience to keep them happy. 

Updates are coming…

We don't mean to be all Ned Stark of Winterfell on you, but social media channels are changing and changing fast.

Social media content + paid advertisement = profit?

The latest research is in on where digital marketers get the most bang for their bucks. Turns out Facebook and Pinterest reign supreme in social ads: 26% of consumers who clicked on a Facebook ad went on to make a purchase, and 24% of consumers make purchasing decisions based on Pinterest. 

What does this mean for you? Consumers like what they see. When you work on your next marketing strategy, consider paying to advertise on either Facebook or Pinterest to turn some clicks onto your fabulous pictures into buys.