The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Are you starting to feel that holiday pressure? With Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s, and tax time (yeah, we said it) right around the corner, it can be hard to feel like you have enough time in the day.

Not only are your days filled with holiday fêtes, secret santas, and watching Elf for the 100th time, but your business or organization is in the final leg of the holiday marketing marathon.

Throw those marshmallows in that hot chocolate and use these last-minute marketing tips for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Don’t worry. You got this! 


  • Competition is intense on Newsfeeds as we approach the holidays. Consider adding more bold, colorful and attention-grabbing visuals to your posts to break through the noise. Think a festive picture of your staff, a sparkly gif, or puppies seeing snow for the first time. If you need ideas, open up your own Facebook Newsfeed and scroll, scroll, scroll. What catches your eye? (If we lost you at the word GIF, they’re the magical moving images on every Weekly Slice so far. Look at sites like Giphy to search for the perfect festive image, and/or to enjoy wonderful holiday cat GIFs like this one.)
  • Who doesn’t get a little emotional during the holidays? There’s a reason Facebook added reactions to the Like button: they want you to make your audience feel all the things. Play up the emotional content of your posts during the holidays by creating and sharing relatable content that tugs at people’s heartstrings. Check out this Iberia Airlines video featuring Santa Claus handing out presents during during a flight for inspiration and feelings of Christmas cheer. Content like this fits in with the time of year, but it also can be a way to demonstrate your brand’s values, too!
  • If one of your posts is performing well, do the right thing and boost that post. It’s like pouring that peppermint martini into the fireplace on Christmas Eve; the fire will grow, and more people will see it. (Just don’t burn your house or your Facebook page down, please.)


  • You decorate your house for the holidays, so why not decorate your Twitter profile? Use these tips to make your profile both a little more festive and a lot more informative.
  • With a little brainstorming, a lot of products can be repurposed for holiday use. Consider using your Twitter to provide followers with useful holiday tips involving your products. Look at how Lowe’s uses the holiday season to share tips and tricks on how to decorate. (We’re personally eying this reindeer decoration.)
  • Once again, don’t forget those ads. If you’d like to offer people a free consultation or a special offer in the new year, start getting those posts out now and test some different target audiences. If your ad gets some attention in this busy time, it’s a good indicator that people will like it when there’s not as much content competing for their attention.


  • Whether it’s snow, menorah lights, fire, cookies, Krampusa terrible made-for-TV Christmas movie, or presents, everyone has an image of the perfect holiday in their heads. The holidays are the perfect time to use these images and creatively step up your Instagram game. Consider these Instagram posts involving creative visuals ranging from a throwback to JFK to a reindeer hanging out at a retirement home for some ideas.
  • What can you do with your brand identity to celebrate the holidays or the new year? If you’re still holiday party-ing with your staff, take a short video of them saying thank you to your customers or supporters and add it to your Instagram. Ask your employees to share their New Year’s resolutions. Put your company’s swag on a Christmas tree, or dress the office dog up in a cool ski sweater. Show your joy and appreciation for your team and for your customers, and really mean it! Social media is social first, so focus on those authentic ways to connect.

Oh, and don’t forget the most important holiday tip: Give yourself a break! We’re not saying to let your social media channels or marketing campaigns go dark. Rather, take advantage of scheduling tools built in to Facebook and Tweetdeck and enjoy your holiday with family and friends. Come back to January refreshed and ready to roll!