Make your Insta 3x better before the day’s over

You know that feeling when you take the perfect shot for Instagram? Whether it’s a #nofilter sunset or your favorite coffee shop’s #latteart, it’s hard not to feel pleased when the likes start rolling in.

When it comes to Instagramming for business, things are a little more complicated than just taking a solid picture. You have to think of the right content to convey your professional aesthetic and brand, while showing off a little personality and humor. But don’t worry — you’ve got this! Here are three things you can do right now to take the ‘gram to the next level.

  1. You know how you can only link to one website in your profile at a time? Instagram is fairly famous for that, and you can’t post links in your Instagram captions either. It’s tough for many companies to decide what the perfect link should be for that precious spot. Should it be the website? Maybe the newsletter sign-up? Your most current campaign? Now you don’t have to choose. A free new tool called Linktree generates a unique URL for you with a customizable landing page. So, when your followers click on this link, they’ll be directed to a page where they can make the choice to visit your shop, follow you on Facebook, or whatever else you like. Think of it like a mini-mobile site to help your users find exactly what they’re looking for from you. 
  2. Do you use multiple hashtags per post? Do your followers a favor and hide your hashtags. Nobody wants to scroll through their Instagram feed and read that the sign you saw of your favorite quote is #socute #inspirational #picoftheday #instacool #motivation... see what we're saying? It may accomplish your goal of reaching more users, but it can make you look spammy when it’s so front and center. Follow these easy steps to hide your hashtags in a comment.
  3. You can really only take so many pictures of your office and make it look cool. If you’re drawing a blank on content, repost photos from other users you know, admire, or want to meet. Download Repost and use it to be sure that you give credit to the accounts whose photos you use. It’s a great way to give shout-outs to other companies or orgs (and maybe make a new business bestie). Just keep in mind that while it is typically acceptable to repost other company’s content (with credit), you may want to ask the user’s permission if you’re reposting from a smaller personal account. It’s always nice to be polite!

And, one last thing: While you may just post whenever inspiration strikes, consider your brand on Instagram. What story are you trying to tell? Why should someone follow you? Select your photos with your brand in mind, and don’t stress too much about likes or followers. Next week, we’ll show you Instagram analytics and what metrics you should really be tracking.