Exploding Watermelons and Facebook Live

Were you one of the 807,000 people who all watched a watermelon explode at the same time via Facebook Live?

If so, you probably left the video thinking two things:

  1. Why did I just spend a solid chunk of my day watching people put rubber bands on a watermelon?
  2. And, more importantly, how can I use Facebook Live for my own organization?

Well, we're here to help with some tips for using Facebook Live and engaging your audience! Before your first broadcast, there are a few things you should know:

  • Facebook Live is done via a mobile device and needs a strong connection! We suggest using wi-fi to make sure your video streams seamlessly.
  • Do a test! By running a quick test video in the location you want to film, you will be able to check for sound levels, quality, lighting, and connectivity. Facebook alerts your followers when you're live, so we recommend making a hidden Facebook page with no followers to get a feel for things without an audience. 

Are you ready to broadcast? Great! Download the Facebook Pages app and hit "Publish" so you can create a new status. See that icon of a person with little circles around them at the bottom? That's the Live Video button! Hit that and then make sure to include a compelling description of the video before you start filming. When you're ready to broadcast, it will count you down from 3...2...1...you're live!

Once you start your video your followers will be notified that you're up and running. The pressure is on to keep them engaged. Here are a few suggestions to stop your audience from scrolling down their newsfeed mid-video:

  • Encourage your audience to ask questions! Your audience can react, like, comment, and share the video as it's going on. Use this opportunity to address people by name and answer any inquiries that come in to add a personal touch to your video. It's always a good idea to prepare a few questions ahead of time to keep things moving.
  • Be selective about your use of Facebook Live and make your videos compelling! We cannot stress this enough. Your audience does not want or need to see every small happening around your organization. Check out some of these examples for inspiration. Think dance party, behind the scenes, breaking news, and themed videos and less talking at the camera about random topics. Your audience will thank you!

Good luck with your Facebook Live videos and remember, when in doubt, maybe just explode some fruit!