How Good is your Instagram Game?

Do you ever post a picture to Instagram and just cross your fingers that your audience will like it? 

Since Instagram rolled out Insights earlier this year, you can uncross those digits and actually see how many people your posts reach, who your audience is, and whether or not your profile (and your website) is getting checked out. Basically, all the good stuff you need to professionally step up your Insta-game.

First, ensure you have converted your account to an Instagram Business Account for your company or organization. (Watch this video for a handy guide.) You’ll be able to add a Contact button, directions, and access those Insights. One key detail: You’ll need to link your account to a Facebook Business Page, so have that ready!

Now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. Tap the button on the top right corner of your Instagram profile that looks like a little bar chart. This takes you to an Overview page, where at the top you can swipe through your Impressions, Reach, and Profile Views for the past week.

  • Impressions are the total number of times all your posts have been seen. This lets you know how many times someone was casually scrolling down their Instagram feed and saw your posts.
  • Reach is a little different. It measures the number of individual users who have seen your post. So maybe Mom looked at ALL your Instagram posts multiple times last week and accounted for most of your Impressions. Reach shows you Mom once, as well as the rest of the pairs of eyes that have been on your content.
  • Profile Views accounts for how often someone actually tapped on your username to check out your profile in the last week. You’ll also see when your website URL is clicked, so keep an eye on this.

Next you’ll see your Top Posts. Tap See More and it defaults to showing you “All posted in the past impressions sorted by 7 days.” See how some of those words are in blue? Those are links, and you can modify them to sort your posts by Impressions, Reach, Engagement, Likes, and Comments; by type (photos and videos); and change the time frame to go back well over a year!

If you’re wondering how a specific photo or video performed, tap it and hit View Insights to see that post’s Impressions, Reach, and Engagement. While you’re already familiar with Impressions and Reach, Engagement measures how many unique accounts liked or commented on your posts.

So why is it important to check out your metrics?

  • You’ll know if Instagram is actually helping you meet your goals. Profile Views and Website Visits are key, since you’re ultimately aiming to drive traffic to your business, aren’t you?
  • You’ll see how individual posts are doing and determine what’s working and what’s not. Maybe you think your audience would hate inspirational quotes, but those few you posted blew up in comparison to your office selfies. Use your metrics to get to know your audience and what they’re really liking, and double down on what works.
  • If some posts are doing a lot better than others, your hashtags might be the key. Look at the hashtags you’ve used to see what you should use in the future, too. Maybe you’re totally owning those #mondaymotivation posts. You won’t know until you check!

We typically check these numbers once a week. Don’t be afraid if these numbers fluctuate! There will always be ups and downs; you just want to look for net-positive increases over time. That slow, steady progress will help you build a stronger foundation and presence, compared to flash-in-the-pan spikes.

To avoid information overload, we’re going to save our breakdown of Follower Insights  (where you learn about your audience) until next week. Stay tuned and keep finessing those Instagram posts, until your audience reacts to every post like: