Merry Marketing and a Happy New Year!

So you have your holiday marketing goals in hand, and you’re ready to tempt your audience with sweet incentives. Time to create some content! Here are 12 ideas for social posts to help you finish up the year on a festive note.

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As you’re reading through these ideas, we challenge you to get outside of your comfortable content routine. As long as its appropriate for your target audience, try out different channels and types of posts, like Instagram stories or Snapchat, to engage in a whole new way.

12 Holiday Content Ideas…. +1 Cat in a Santa Hat 

  1. Your company’s unique, so why aren't your posts? When it comes to holiday marketing, so many ads look exactly the same, with a generic holiday greeting or a stock photo tree. Go beyond red, green, snowmen, and Santa; think about what story only you can tell this holiday season through your visuals. Check out some of the best holiday ads so far this season to get that brainstorm started.  
  2. Show us your celebrations. Take us inside your office or store and show us how you decorated, what cookies your team is eating, or a live (perhaps pre-champagne) shot of your office New Year's party. Your customers are celebrating this season, so show them that their favorite companies are, too. Get in the spirit! 
  3. Give us insider access. Is your store inundated with gift orders? Are you using your fanciest calligraphy to address your company’s holiday cards? Use social media to give us insider access to your workshop as you come through with your products or services this month. Take an Instagram video of your store’s fancy gift wrapping abilities or show off your real time calligraphy skills in a Snapchat story. 
  4. Work our nostalgia. As a kid, this time of year was magic. Let your audience get to know your staff a little better by taking them back to childhood through fave photos, gifts, or traditions. This makes it personal so your audience can better connect with your staff. Take it to the next level by asking your followers to submit their favorite holiday photos or memories too. Remember to ask them to use a unique hashtag or to tag your company so you can find and repost their content! 
  5. Offer personalized gift tips. You know your target audience pretty well (and if not, time to start getting to know them!). Think of your key personas and make some personalized suggestions for gifts that they'd love. If you're designing websites for non-profit superstars, make a list of the best gifts to pamper people who are doing good every day. Show customers a little love, and you'll get it back in the future.
  6. Tempt us with presents. Offer a gift to your audience this holiday season and showcase it through social media. Whether it’s a discount, a coveted recipe, or a short style consultation at your boutique, show your audience that you care with a little special something.
  7. Countdown to the holidays. Whether you’re counting down the 12 days of Christmas or the last remaining days of 2017, have a themed countdown on your social channels and keep people coming back. Try posting a new gift idea each day or smart ideas for resolutions; something entertaining and valuable.
  8. Decorate your profiles. You decorate your house, why not your profiles? Add a festive banner or profile images to each social media account to go all in on this year’s holiday marketing. 
  9. Make a holiday graphic. Who doesn’t love a cheerful holiday card? Take this good vibe to the 21st century by designing a fun and seasonal holiday greetings gif that you can use on all of your channels. (We know some great people if you need help doing this!)
  10. Make our resolutions come true. People are already thinking about 2018 and what they want to accomplish. (Let's face it; we're all pretty over 2017!) Offer your audience tips, products, or new ideas that could tie into their New Year’s resolutions. Start by thinking about what might make your audience’s lives even better. 
  11. Tell us what you want. Does your company have a holiday wish list? A New Year’s Resolution? Tell your audience what you’re hoping for this season to give your audience insight into your company’s personality.
  12. Recap 2017. Make a short 2017 recap video with some highlights of your proudest moments and your most sincere customer shout-outs. It’s a personalized way to ring in the New Year! 

And, because we keep our promises:

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