Siena Wellness: Coaching and messaging 

Services Provided:

  • Messaging 
  • Coaching


Elizabeth Hubley is a holistic health coach and yoga instructor. She started her business, Siena Wellness, to help people live a more fulfilled life.

The Need: 

After two years, Siena Wellness offered multiple products for clients, including personal coaching sessions, seasonal eating challenges, and a strong blog presence. However, Elizabeth wanted to hone her business offerings and potentially build new offerings to meet the needs of her clients.

The Solution:

Through one-on-one sessions, The Good Lemon helped Elizabeth better understand the current audience for Siena Wellness and develop strategies for reaching and engaging a new audience. Additionally, we assessed the ROI of her product offerings to cut programs that weren’t effective and double down on programs that clients love.

TGL continues to provide strategic consulting and advice on an ongoing basis.

“As a small business owner, I don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to learning how to market my programs, which made The Good Lemon a perfect fit. Megan worked with me to design a comprehensive plan for increasing participation in both in-person and virtual events. The customized marketing schedules were incredibly helpful and easy to implement, not to mention successful! I’m planning to hire them again in the New Year for the launch of a new program to ensure its success.”
— Elizabeth Hubley, Owner of Siena Wellness