Countdown to the New Year ⏰

It sounds a little nutty to already be thinking about 2019 when we JUST finished Turkey Day, but, as far as your marketing is concerned, it is already a brand new year. Full of possibilities!

Let's get ahead on that strategic marketing planning, so you can use your holiday break productively to plan, organize, and impress the heck out of your team.

Here are 10 must-do tasks that will help you ring in 2019 with confidence. 

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10. Plan ahead with an editorial calendar 

Just like the paper planner of your school days helped you get assignments done, an editorial calendar allows you to visualize your content marketing plan across all of your communications channels, including posting schedules and holidays in advance. Get started with our editorial calendar guide, and create a calendar that is customized for just how long you can think ahead. Whether it's just a few weeks or the whole year, knowing what you'll be posting when will save you time later, so you can focus on posting something creative.

9. Define your brand voice

In order to stand out from the crowd, you need to know yourself and your brand. Think about your voice, as well as the ideal people with whom you want to do business. Defining these two things will, at the very least, put some parameters in place to help you create content and key messages that will show your target audiences who you are and why your services are valuable. We'll take you from incubation to execution in this guide.

8. Measure what matters

Figure out what metrics matter the most to your business goals, and track only those metrics for the first quarter of 2019. By the time Q2 rolls around, you will have enough meaningful data to know if your digital content and honed brand voice are successfully helping you meet your business goals. Learn more about metrics that count in this guide.

7. Conquer your to-do list

Overwhelm doesn't have to be a permanent aspect of your day-to-day life! Make 2019 the year that you take control of your task list. Get organized and eliminate stress with these tips.

6. Google yourself 

When was the last time you looked yourself up? How about your biz? Don't be one of those people who isn't aware of what's out there. Make sure you're putting your best foot forward online and learn to be more Google-able.

5. Find your customers

Every business needs customers, right? We can at least agree on that! But how do you reach the people that are most in need of your services or product? It's time to polish those detective skills as you embark on a customer discovery quest.

4. Set up a listening program

Knowing what is being said about your brand online can help you hone your strategy, find your community and customers, curate the perfect content, and much more. Start paying attention to your online presence today

3. Increase traffic

Are your carefully-crafted blog posts falling on deaf ears? Don't fret! There's an audience just waiting to read your content. Here's how to drive them to your site

2. Network in your PJs

Today's digital landscape makes it easy to meet people from all around the world from the comfort of your sofa. Learn how to make digital connections that count

1. Be more sharable 

Not feeling the love on social media, either? Use this guide to make sure that the content you are crafting is as shareable as possible, so that more of your target audience will be ready to share it. 

Cheers! Here's to your continued success in the New Year!


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